The Foundation for Liberty and Justice  is now accepting Grants for Reimbursement for attendance to the EJI Legacy Museum and Memorial for Peace and Justice.

It is our moral obligation to give every child the very best education possible.
-Desmond Tutu

In order to participate in this grant process one must simply print and complete the application document and submit it along with receipts, photographs, thank you notes, and a summary of your adventure to:

The Foundation for Liberty and Justice
PO Box 63
Montgomery, AL 36101

We understand that in some cases reimbursement after the trip may be prohibitive. The up-front cost of the field trip can be high, particularly for those traveling from long distances on chartered buses. In these cases you may submit the reimbursement form with the quote from the charter service and we will pay the charter service directly on your behalf ahead of your trip. If there are other expenses that cause concern in planing your field trip we can make arrangements to meet those needs ahead of time. Please contact us by email at discuss those options.

Thank you for providing memories from your field trip. Your photographs will be posted on the Foundation website. Your thank you notes may also be posted. In your summary report please discuss the impact that you think this experience had on your students. We would also welcome writings from students on their field trip experience.

The Foundation is studying the impact of this experience using both quantitative and qualitative measures. Your feedback will greatly impact our study.

If you’d like to submit your application online, click here.