EJI Museum & Memorial

The new Legacy Museum is located at 40 North Court Street in downtown Montgomery, Alabama on a site where slaves were force to labor in bondage. This museum provides a comprehensive study of slavery in the United States.  

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the memory of enslaved black people, people who were victims of lynching, and people of color who have faced racial segregation, presumption of guilt, and police brutality. The memorial is located at 417 Caroline Street, Montgomery, Alabama. 

The museum and memorial . . . make a searing and convincing case that we can’t fully move forward unless we come to terms with our brutal past.

The Foundation for Liberty and Justice is a not-for-profit entity with the sole purpose of providing educational opportunities for young adults that will lead to a better America. We believe that the EJI Museum and Memorial provide a valuable opportunity for important lessons that are most suited for 8th graders and above. However, we ask the educators use their best judgement in organizing field trips.  

For full information on these sites, please visit the website here:

Curriculum Materials:

Please make use of the important curriculum product provided by EJI to prepare for the visit and to foster thoughtful discussion following the visit. 

PDF versions of EJI reports are available on EJI’s website here.

EJI’s Lynching in America curriculum, based on the report that inspired the Memorial, can be found here.

Just Mercy: Adapted for Young Adults by EJI Executive Director Bryan Stevenson is available for purchase at EJI’s Gift Shop.