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Jeff Davis High School

2022 2019 As I walked through the Peace and Justice Memorial, gazing up at all the blocks with names and counties of all the people who were lynched, it sparked an overwhelming feeling of despondency within me. Even though I didn't know the stories behind these names, I knew that whatever it was, it was a tragic one. In a way, I was very grateful for that because I am sure most of the names on those blocks were unfairly hung, mutilated, killed, and I don't even want to think about how many of them were innocent children. The Memorial itself holds a great sense of knowledge and awareness to anyone who's willing to listen, showcasing ...

Ramsey High School

The field trip to the Legacy Museum and Lynching Memorial is one that I will remember forever. I was overwhelmed with multiple feelings at once as I walked through the museum and explored the exhibits. It was an informative experience as well as one that made my heart heavy. Heavy for those whose lives were taken for no valid reason, not that there is a valid reason to take a life. Some of whom were about my age; I could not fathom having to go through what they did at my age or any age at all. The fate that those people suffered was awful, pain unimaginable. The lynching memorial especially saddened me because ...